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Lynn Gerlach

(Lynn was previously the Corporate Communications Manager for Rentokil North America, focusing on public relations and advertising for our Ehrlich and Presto-X brands but has now left the business.) Since joining the company since 1992, I’ve learned a lot about things that creep, slither and scurry. The best part of my job is sharing all of the neat stories and successes we see in the pest control business. It’s great to know how much we truly help homeowners and businesses with their pest problems. In my spare time, I enjoy cooking, the ocean and gardening.

Don't Mess With Stinging Insects

I’ve been in the pest control industry for almost 19 years, and I can say with confidence that there are some pests the average homeowner can deal with on their own – certain ants, flies, ladybugs, etc. Depending on your tolerance level, these are just nuisance pests and don’t pose a major threat to anything [...]

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Ticks – A Tiny But Dangerous Pest

Although a bite from the tiny American Deer Tick is virtually painless, its effects can be long-lasting if the tick was carrying Lyme Disease.  Although Lyme disease is not fatal, it can seriously threaten your health with arthritis, irregular heartbeats and even paraylysis. Here are some quick tick tips to keep you safe and healthy [...]

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The Birds

From what I can tell, it almost seemed like Alfred Hitchcok’s famous thriller, “The Birds.”  When the popular band Kings of Leon went on stage earlier this week to perform  to a packed house in St. Louis, they were stopped by pigeons.  Yes, believe it or not, pigeons. The Kings made a valiant effort, but [...]

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Baby, It's Hot, Hot, Hot Outside

Here in the Northeast, the heat over the past few days has bordered on unbearable.  There are heat warnings and heat advisories on the radio.  The malls and pools are packed with folks looking for refuge.  As I drove home yesterday, my car thermometer hit 102 degrees F.  That’s hot! It got me to wondering [...]

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Pest Proof Your Picnic

Ok – You’ve got a picnic planned for the holiday weekend.  You know, the checkered tablecloth, the dogs and burgers cooking on the bbq and Aunt Mary’s homemade potato salad.   To prevent unwanted guests (other than the gazillion calories in Aunt Mary’s potato salad) like ants, wasps, flies and mosquitoes from showing up, here’s [...]

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