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Kristin Golden-Mancuso

I feel quite certain that I have the best job in company. I spend most of my days trying to figure out the very best way to tell as many people as I can about every service we provide through every channel possible – on line, in print, through public relations, in our advertising, through various social media channels… You get the picture. Quite an opportunity for a person who grew up being told to try to develop the quality of learning to “limit my words”! I’m a woman who can’t seem to stop thinking about marketing. Beyond my job, I adore my two boys and the sports they play, love to cook, eat and socialize on-line and – get this – in person. I catch art exhibitions and concerts whenever I can. I love reading, watching movies and studying politics. In my spare time, I exercise – mountain bike, run, swim, practice yoga…. Not big on sleep!

5 Stinger Award For Excellence In Pest Control Blogging

deBugged is a recipient of the ProBest Pest Management 5 Stinger Award for Excellence in Pests/Insect/Pest Management Blogging. It is awarded to Pest Bloggers who have met the challenge and have shown a high degree of maintaining and discussing some of the major topics that affect us all daily in the world of Pest Management or [...]

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Bed Bugs On College Campus

A good friend called me last night to tell me that there has been an outbreak of bed bugs at her daughter’s school (which shall remain nameless). “What should I do?” she asked me.  Now that’s a question I am asked quite frequently, now that I work for a pest control company. If you’re heading [...]

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Yellow Jackets Are Now Searching For Food

It’s back to school time again, which means my boys are playing football – so I’ll be watching hours and hours of practice and games each week. All that time spectating reminds me that those aggressive yellow jackets are almost here! Wasps, hornets and bees, not to mention yellow jackets are in a frenzy during [...]

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