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Olive Groves, Fig Trees and Bug Bites!

A week away at a villa spent lounging under clear blue skies and burning hot sunshine next to a pool never seems to be enough. Ten days would have been ideal! This is how I felt on our last day in our uniquely Puglian trulli located on the outskirts of Alberobello. In this part of [...]

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Do Termites Like Rock Music?

The more you read about termites, and I suppose any other pest, the more interesting and strange facts, you tend to come across. Not sure you can really believe all of them, but even so they do provide some mild entertainment, whilst doing research. Here are a few crazy ones I have come across recently, [...]

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Mosquitoes, Malaria and Bella Italy!

In preparation for my upcoming holiday to south Italy I was browsing through the history section in my guide book to Puglia and discovered some fascinating facts about how mosquitoes had devastated entire communities. The endemic and epidemic presence of malaria in Italy has shaped the history and development of this beautiful country, but especially [...]

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Avoiding Mosquitoes

I should be very grateful for living in the UK and not having any problems with mosquitoes. However, I am at heart a sun worshipper and love the heat, and would be happier in a Mediterranean climate, though the big down side to that would be the mosquitoes. Mozzies or mosquitoes, call them what you [...]

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Searching for Termites & Termite Control

Termites are a big deal in America (though strangely not in Canada – they appear reluctant to cross the border). There are thousands of searches online every day relating to these destructive pests, with people wanting to find termite pictures such as the amazing mound pictured here which shows tourists walking between giant termite mounds [...]

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