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Brigitta Carter

I joined the Marketing & Strategy team at Rentokil in January 2008. Since this time my mind has been well and truly expanded on the merits of SEO and online marketing – a completely different language to me when I first started. But like any other foreign language… soon get the hang of it. My main loves outside of work are foreign languages, history, music, art and travel. I am currently learning Italian and taking lessons to play the piano! I am looking forward to bloging for you all!

D is for Dengue fever

Up till now my holidays haven’t seen me leave Europe- so, no need for visas, and most importantly no need for shots (immunisations). But with an upcoming planned family trip to Thailand, I am becoming more aware of potential health risks we could face. My sister-in-law and family live in the outskirts of Phuket, Thailand. [...]

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Bat out of Hell

Bats are not a pest you hear often discussed and yet it is an animal that is universally recognized and known by all thanks in part to comic books, the famous Adam West led Batman TV series from the late 60′s and all subsequent movies. Bats always appear to be associated with eerie night scenes [...]

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Pigeons Get Too Much Bad Press

It is very rare to hear someone say something nice about a pigeon. Most of the time people tend to complain about them, their unsightly droppings, and how annoying it is to have them flying around their property. So perhaps it is time to promote the positive about pigeons and to even illustrate how heroic [...]

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Gulls or Seagulls – Some Quite Interesting Facts

Call them what you will, I believe every one of us would have had a run in with gulls at some point in our life – whether or not it was a good or bad experience will be very different though for each of us. Seagulls are always present in any seaside town I find [...]

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Getting Rid of Rats in My Attic

So, here is my next update folks! I have just had my third routine visit from my local exterminator. It has been eight days since his last visit, when he laid down more bait, and we have not heard any noises in our attic for the past six days – so we were quietly optimistic. [...]

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