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It’s National Bed Bug Awareness Month

To create awareness of bed bugs September marks the launch of the first National Bed Bug Awareness Month. To kick things off, BedBug Central has released a how-to video on traveling bed bug free. Bed bugs are masters when it comes to sneaking a ride in the folds of your clothes or your suitcase, which is [...]

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Pest Control Weapons

There’s a pest control assistant in every household. It may be lurking beneath the stairs or locked away in a dark cupboard…. yes you’ve guessed it (and the picture was a bit of a giveaway too)… it’s the vacuum cleaner. This household star appliance not only keeps your home clean from the dust, dirt and [...]

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Pest Control Pets

Some animals are natural pest control technicians. From fly eating toads to mice chasing cats there’s an animal out there which would make a great pet and supply a pest control service too. Dogs have been used for centuries as rat catchers and along with cats they are still employed as an effective and cost efficient [...]

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War Tactics: Catapulting Wasps Nests And Flea Bombs

Every day we wage a battle against the pests which invade our human places but throughout history man has used the disease and chaos spread by biting insects such as fleas, flies and yellow jackets to his advantage. Across the globe and back as far as the mind can stretch, insects have been used as instruments [...]

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Don’t Let Summer Tick You Off

It’s summer which means it’s tick time. Ticks are most active in late summer through the fall. The nasty bloodsuckers can carry Lyme disease, a bacterial disease transmitted by infected ticks. It was first recognized in the United States in 1975 after a mysterious outbreak of arthritis near Old Lyme, Connecticut. Since then Lyme disease [...]

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