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Alicia Holbrook

I joined Rentokil just over two years ago and am no stranger to pest control - a number of unwelcome tenants have made my home their home too. Having lived in a number period properties, I learned long ago that the ancient beams, sash windows and chimney breasts are also adored by spiders, insects and furries.

The Weird World of Pest Invasions

Across the globe strange things are happening in the insect kingdom. From the mayfly infestation of Lake Erie to the cricket affliction on the homes and businesses of Texas, bugs descending in biblical proportions can be a nuisance. Although local residents may have a rough idea of when the mighty infestation may occur, no one [...]

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Why Every Nest Should Have A Cigarette Butt Lining

Today’s blog is inspired by a far better post published by Scientific American. The blog, penned by Hannah Waters, draws upon research from the Autonomous University of Tlaxcala in Mexico who were trying to establish a link (if any) between the use of cigarette butts in nests and the natural insecticide properties of nicotine. Are [...]

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Pray For What You Have This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time to reflect upon the things we have to be appreciative of. This could be our health, economic security, food or just plain old contentment with our lot. If we take time to step back and consider … there’s always someone, somewhere having a far tougher time. Take for example insects. They [...]

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Cleaning Up After A Flood

As the coastal surge retreats and storm Sandy sweeps away from New York City, Pennsylvania and upstate New York, the destruction is far from over. Flood clearance will be encumbered by wind warnings and a wintry cold front which is likely to produce heavy rain, snowfall and local flooding. Some areas may also be without power until [...]

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Welcoming Western

It’s a very exciting day at Rentokil. We are delighted to welcome the assets of Western Exterminator Company into the Rentokil fold. This will enable us to expand our pest control business into the US West Coast and allow us to offer additional services. In addition to pest control, Western Extermination is the West Coast’s [...]

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