How To Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs

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How to Identify Bed Bugs

Bed bugs look different depending on their stage of life. They are very small and hard to see. No matter what life stage the bed bug is in, they are tiny and during their egg and early nymph stages they are whitish or even translucent. When a bed bug has not eaten in a while they are flat and about the same rough size, shape and even color of an apple seed. 

Bed bugs are a potentially serious pest for people, but they can be confused for other insects. In order to provide the right and most effective treatments, bed bugs must be correctly identified and found. If even one batch of bed bugs is missed, a whole new infestation can occur. 

Ehrlich Technicians have received specialized training to properly identify bed bugs in all of their life stages.

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What Do Bed Bugs Look Like?

Bed bugs are about the size of an apple seed and are mahogany or brownish in color. They change color throughout the course of their life. Eggs are very small elongated shapes that are whitish or almost translucent. After they hatch bed bugs are considered nymphs and their early stages they are also white, but get darker with each segment of their life cycle.

  • Eggs - A bed bug starts out life as an egg. A female will lay eggs probably only once during her lifetime, but may lay hundreds of eggs during that time. That's how an infestation can start quickly.

  • Nymph - A bed bug goes through various nymph stages. They are very small and light colored during this time. A bed bug will go through five nymph stages before officially reaching adulthood.

  • Adult - An adult bed bug is brown and flat in appearance (unless it is engorged with a blood meal) with a wide head and segmented body. They are about the size and approximate shape of an apple seed.

  • Nymphs - Bed bugs go through several life cycle stages. Until they reach adulthood they are known as nymphs. During their first cycle these nymphs are white colored, but they get darker as they grow.

Insects that Look Like Bed Bugs

There are some other insects that resemble bed bugs. Some of them can bite like bed bugs, but mostly they are parasites or pests for certain animals. These include:

  • Bat Bugs - Bat bugs resemble bed bugs so much that even a trained eye might not be able to tell the difference. You can only view the differences under a microscope. Many homes may feel they have bed bugs when they see these, and not realize that a bat colony has set up a home in the attic, which has caused the bat bugs to end up in the rest of the house.

  • Barn Swallow Bugs - They are also flat, brownish and with wide heads that closely resemble bed bugs. Barn swallow bugs tend to be slightly longer than bed bugs, but a casual glance may not tell you that. In most cases, the assistance of a pest control professional will be required to identify if the insects are bed bugs or barn swallow bugs.

Ehrlich: Your Bed Bug Indentification Experts

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