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Pest Control Beaufort

Our local Beaufort team provides professional pest control services to all of Beaufort and the majority of Low Country South Carolina.

  • Our 10 Pest Control Technicians have over 100 combined years of experience serving.

We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and are proud of the Ehrlich reputation for customer service in this area.

All of our dedicated team members have received the best training in the industry and give us exceptional service coverage in the area.

We hope you will give us the opportunity to satisfy your pest control needs.

Kevin Denardo

Kevin Denardo is Manager of Ehrlich Pest Control in Beaufort, South  Carolina

Manager of Ehrlich Pest Control in Beaufort

"I have proudly been part of the Ehrlich organization for 12 years. My team and I share the same passion for delivering world class service to our customers. It is an honor to serve the Low Country area of South Carolina."

Beaufort Pest Trends


Beaufort and the surrounding areas are well known for high numbers of moles. 

Moles are a pest because they damage lawns as they dig underground tunnels. 

Molehills and mole ridges spoil lawns and flower beds while their tunneling damages the roots of young plants and exposes stones that can damage lawn equipment.

We can help you control a mole problem.


Mosquitoes are also very common in our local area.

Mosquitoes start to become a problem as temperatures begin to rise in spring. The mosquito season lasts from April to September each year, although in some warmer states, like Florida and Georgia, the season can be a lot longer.

We can help protect your home or business by reducing mosquito activity.


We experience a lot of problems with termites locally.

An estimated $5 billion is spent annually on the cost of termite control and damage in the United States. Early termite detection can help to lower the overall cost of repairs, and make termite control a cost-effective way to guard protect your property and keep it structurally sound.

We have a range of treatments and baiting programs to help control termites in your home or business.

Specialist Pest Control Services in Beaufort, South Carolina

We specialize in termite control services (including CL-100 inspections), bed bug services (including canine inspections), and Year Round Pest Control protection for residential homeowners.

We always follow up with our customers!

Customer Testimonial

  • Ron Kirby – owner of Ron Kirby Leadership Training and Business Development - “I look forward to sitting on my back porch and enjoying the beautification of my lawn now that Ehrlich has taken care of my mole problem!”