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Our expert local Allentown team provides pest control services throughout Lehigh Valley and the surrounding areas in Pennsylvania.

We are able to cover areas including:

  • Lehigh County
  • Northampton County
  • Monroe County
  • western Warren County in New Jersey.

Our 57 Pest and Termite Control Technicians have over 600 combined years of experience serving local communities.

67 colleagues work in our Allentown office and live in the communities they serve. We are very proud of the Ehrlich reputation for customer service in the area. We hope you will give us the opportunity to satisfy your needs.

We are proud to have been a Top 5 finalist (Southeast Region) for the 2013 PA Community Impact Award!

Frank Modrick

Ehrlich Pest Control Branch Manager

Area District Manager in Allentown

"I joined Ehrlich as a technician and have a passion for the industry, having been with Ehrlich for 42 years. I know the Allentown area inside and out as do all of my team members. The Allentown team shares my passion for delivering the best pest control service in the Lehigh Valley."

Allentown Pest Trends

Outside invaders common to Allentown and the Lehigh Valley include stink bugs, boxelder bugs and cluster flies. Stink bugs can be a real nightmare for homeowners, especially in the fall, when they enter properties in large numbers looking for warmth and shelter.

Rats & Mice

In the fall and winter, we can provide both homes and businesses with proven rat and mouse control solutions.

We also offer expert advice on how to deter rats and get rid of mice from your property, helping to keep you safe from the diseases rodents are known to spread.

Customer Testimonials

Specialist Pest Control Services in Allentown, Pennsylvania

Our Allentown Pest Control team has built a solid relationship with homeowners and businesses alike in the local Allentown community. The team specializes in a range of treatments, including:

We can also provide complete protection against a variety of common pests like bed bugs, ants and cockroaches with our Year Round Protection Plan.

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