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Ehrlich has more than 750 pest control technicians operating across the country, so there's always one close to your home or business.

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Ehrlich technicians are skilled, experienced professionals – they are state certified, licensed applicators and have completed Ehrlich's rigorous Career Advancement program to a standard unrivalled within the industry. They also participate in ongoing training programs to keep their skills sharp.

Ehrlich’s Commercial Pest Control Technicians provide pest control to businesses of every shape and size – from the local pizza shop to international food processors. Our commercial Pest Control Technicians work to develop partnerships with their commercial customers, educating them and their staff about pest problems.

Our Residential Pest Control Technicians are trained to provide you with the highest standard of service, designed with children and pets in mind. Our technicians are also truly local to you as they live and work in the communities they serve.

Ehrlich Pest Control’s Technicians are the best in the business; they have respect for you, your home, your business, your family and your time.

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