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For over 80 years, Ehrlich has provided innovative solutions to home and commercial pest problems. Your Ehrlich Technician will look for the cause of your pest problem, not just treat the symptoms. This requires a highly trained individual who understands the biology of pests that can infest your business or home. Every Ehrlich Technician participates in ongoing training to ensure that we provide the most modern, effective solutions.

Ehrlich has developed unmatched technical expertise in dealing with pests — from exclusion and detection to capture, identification and elimination. Your Ehrlich Technician is supported by our in-house Research and Development team plus our staff of entomologists who are available for on-site Consultation.

Not only will you feel comfortable with the Ehrlich Technician in your home or business, but you’ll also be working with the most technically advanced and trained company in the pest control industry.

Service Technicians

The Ehrlich Pest Control Technician is the most highly trained and experienced in the business.

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Supporting Ehrlich’s Service Technicians and customers is a dedicated team of Entomologists

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Ehrlich's Senior Pest Control Technician and Trainer - Bill Ritz - is our featured 'expert'.

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