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Western Exterminator - Since 1921

Western Exterminator Western Exterminator is a proud partner of Ehrlich Pest Control, offering you the best local pest control in California, Arizona and Nevada. Western Exterminator and Ehrlich are part of Rentokil, the world’s largest commercial pest control company.

Western Exterminator History 

Western Exterminator was founded in 1921 by a Carl Storm, a young Swedish immigrant who won American citizenship for serving in the U.S. military in World War I. While persevering through the Great Depression, Western continued to grow through the years, expanding from Los Angeles into the Bay Area. Committed to Carl’s mantra – quality service at a fair price – Western grew throughout California, eventually expanding out-of-state into Arizona and Nevada.

After more than 90 years of excellence in the pest control industry, Western Exterminator’s Little Man logo has become iconic. Western’s technicians have performed pest control services in the homes of U.S. presidents and Hollywood stars.

Western Exterminator Today

Today Western Exterminator provides thousands of residential and commercial customers with effective pest control services. Western Exterminator was sold to Rentokil in September 2012 and continues to service California, Arizona and Nevada as a part of Rentokil North America Pest Control.

To learn more, visit the Western Exterminator website.

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