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Rentokil Canada

Rentokil Canada - Founded 1988

Image for Rentokil Canada logo Rentokil Canada is a proud partner of Ehrlich Pest Control, offering you the best local pest control throughout Canada. Rentokil Canada and Ehrlich are part of Rentokil, the world’s largest commercial pest control company.

Rentokil Canada History 

Rentokil was established in Canada in 1988 offering both residential and commercial pest control services. Rentokil was founded in the UK back in 1927. Through the years, Rentokil has amassed an unrivalled amount of pest control expertise, we've always managed to stay one step ahead of the pests that cause problems for homeowners and businesses. 

Rentokil Canada Today

Rentokil Canada provides pest control service throughout Canada with local branches in Vancouver, Ontario and many other cities throughout Canada. 

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