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Ehrlich has been providing expert pest control services to homeowners and businesses since 1928.

We offer customized, effective and fast pest control solutions which include fumigation, bed bug control, and termite control - all provided by local offices throughout the east coast from Connecticut to Florida. Contact us today.

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Protect your home against the threat of ticks with Ehrlich’s preventative service.



Ensure your property is a no fly zone with Ehrlich.



Ants are the #1 nuisance pest in the United States.


Pest Birds

Are pest birds like pigeons and seagulls damaging your property? Discover our bird control solutions today!

Termite Control

Termite Control

Learn how our termite treatment service eliminates and prevents infestations.

Protect Your Family Against Pests

Year Round Pest Protection

Peace of mind in knowing that your home and family are protected against pests.

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